Every year elaundry, a sister company of Sarabah Estate Vineyard, holds a charity drive for the young women at Southside Education. These girls have grown up with hardships that few of us have experienced, and Toni-Maree and Cameron Bishop (co-owners of elaundry/Sarabah Estate Vineyard) love to give back to their community and give them a meaningful Christmas.

We encourage our customers and friends to donate gifts which we then deliver in time for Christmas, along with some of our own presents. For those with busy schedules we have also started recommending that a gift card be donated instead, which we at elaundry then match, resulting in each girl having the opportunity to go into town and buy herself something of her own choice.

2015 was the sixth year for this charity drive, and we were fortunate enough to have received loads of support from our generous customers. If you are interested in getting more information about this drive, check out and please – help us make these girls’ Christmas a meaningful and wonderful experience.