Car Clubs

Sarabah Estate Vineyard welcomes car clubs, bike clubs and 4 wheel drive vehicles to our private estate.

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Sarabah features picturesque mountain views, extensive terrain, warm meals, tantalising wines and plenty of parking space. This, and more, is what is waiting for you and your car club at Sarabah Estate Vineyard.

Whether you are travelling from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, the open road and views on your drive to Sarabah Estate via the Lamington National Park Road are hard to beat. Upon your arrival to the winery estate you will find ample parking space for your prized possessions – we’re able to cater up to 300 cars! And depending on what type of event you’d like to have we will provide delicious freshly cooked meals and wine tastings before or after your drive.

Host your 4 wheel drive experience at Sarabah

With acres of land stretching far out over the hills behind our vineyard we have plenty of terrain featuring various inclines and declines that would make for a thrilling 4×4 driving adventure. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out as part of your 4 wheel drive club or the next location for hosting a 4×4 drive program near Brisbane and the Gold Coast we’re happy to accommodate – you’ve found the perfect spot! Following your drive we can prepare for you a relaxing lunch or wine tasting in the surrounds of our Chalet Bistro.

Make your Car Club meet unique!

Want to display a special car or put a couple of exclusive rides on show? We have ramp access onto our stunning marquee, and our gorgeous chalet is on ground level, allowing for cars to be driven straight up onto or into your chosen venue at Sarabah.

Perhaps you also want to have your next meeting in style with a decorated room but don’t know where to begin? Luckily here at Sarabah Estate Vineyard we have you covered. With a number of decorations available for hire you can rest easy knowing that everything will be ready when you arrive.

We await your call and look forward to watching the line of magnificent vehicles that will be driving up the long country drive way leading to our home – Sarabah Estate Vineyard. You will be greeted at the main entrance by our gorgeous 3 metre high gate piers that showcase our imported English Castle Lanterns on top – what a sight!

Please make sure to contact us today as our calendar fills quickly.

Happy Cruising!

Grand Engrave custom gift setCustom Engraving

Our sister company Grand Engrave uses a new generation of laser engraving technology to custom engrave a seemingly endless variety of items and surfaces – perfect for creating personalised awards, prizes or plaques. Engraving can even be applied to wine bottles and tableware too, adding a very special touch to your event. Visit Grand Engrave’s website for more details.


Great Deal – Create your own Personalised T-Shirts and Mugs!

We have on offer the chance for you to create your very own personalised t-shirts and mugs. These are a perfect way in which to commemorate your event at Sarabah Estate Vineyard, to wear on the day or as take-home gifts. Please see the product page for further details.