Deposit a Gift

Prefer money instead of gifts?

Deposit a Gift

Looking to have a wild or luxurious party for your upcoming wedding at Sarabah Estate?

Have your friends and family help by depositing money into your account with Sarabah Estate. These contributions will be applied to your final total at the end of the day, allowing you to splurge for a little extra luxury. This is an excellent way to save yourself some money, and also a great way to have your friends and family contribute to your special day.

How does it work?

Create an account

Create an account with us and fill out your profile information. Profile information includes: Couple Photo, Custom public message, Wedding Date.

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Spread the Word

Spread the word by sending a link to your profile (we’ll provide to you) to your friends and family. You can email, tweet, or post this link any way you want.

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Monitor your account

Keep track of your account balance, and contributors in the private section of the profile. Use this list to send out “thank you” letters to your generous friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any fees for this service?
    This is a free service provided by Sarabah Estate that uses PayPal’s donations to collect the contributions. This means that PayPal takes a small service fee for each transaction, and will be removed from the grand total added to your account.
  • Why should I register with a this service?
    Holding a wedding can be expensive: we get that. By having your friends and family contribute to your wedding fund, you can be sure that your wedding and/or reception will be as beautiful, luxurious or entertaining as you want. Your contributions will be removed from the total on your account at Sarabah Estate Vineyard.
  • What will our website URL look like?
    The URL you share with your friends and family will look similar to the following: where “xxxx” will be your username when you sign up for the service. You will always be able to view this URL when you edit your profile.
  • Who can give a gift, and how do they pay?
    Anyone can contribute to your account, and the payment processor we use is PayPal. You are not required to sign up for a Paypal account, and neither are your contributors.
  • What methods of payment do you support?
    Paypal will accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and direct from PayPal balance and bank account (requires PayPal account). All payments are made in AUD.
  • How do I know when I have received a gift and how do I keep track of them?
    Every time someone gives you a gift, details will be automatically sent to you via email. The new gift will also appear in your Profile, accessible from the Account Manager. The Account Manager lets you keep track of all your gifts in a simple table that always lets you know the total of gifts you’ve received. It also captures the email of your gift-giver so you can easily send a thank you note!
  • How do you recommend publicizing my account?
    Go nuts! You can share the link to your profile with all your friends and family via email, Facebook, twitter or directly!
  • What is the profile image for? What is the custom background image for?
    The profile image will be displayed on your public profile as a way of personalizing the page, and to help your friends and family know exactly who owns this account. This image will also be shown on the “Thank you” page that your contributor will see after they make a payment. This image will have a maximum width of 550px; if you upload an image wider than this it will be scaled proportionally to a width of 550px.

    The custom background image is an optional field that is provided for the couple to further personalize their page. The image will be enlarged so as to take up the entire page background, with no tiling. It is recommended that this image be a large sized, landscape-oriented image to avoid pixelation and being obscured by the content background.