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About Our Winery

Nestled in the beauty of the Scenic Rim lies our hidden gem… Sarabah Estate Vineyard.

In 2008, we embarked upon a journey to build a synergy of a place to call home, a vineyard to harvest and an opportunity to sustain, nurture and grow with the land around us.

As Lovacores and members of the Scenic Rim Eat Local, it is important to us that we produce, sell and support our locals, their farms and the farm to table concept that we adore so much.

As viticulturists, alpacas herders, cheese makers and gardeners, our hats are many … but when it comes to Sarabah – what we love most of all, is to open the Estate to you, your family and your friends whether it be a weekend adventure at our Cellar Door and Chalet Bistro, to host your next event or even better, your wedding day! We would be delighted to share our home with you!

Arrive here by bicycle, vintage car, horse and cart, hot air balloon, limousine or helicopter, it is just a matter of imagination here at Sarabah Estate Vineyard.

Our Story

“My husband and I have bought the most gorgeous vineyard in the hills of hinterland Gold Coast, where it is surprisingly chilly hence, even more wonderfully, has produced a decidedly crisp Rosé. Then to excite matters further, we have also a Cabernet that will warm your winter socks that we would love you all to try as well.

We bought Sarabah Estate Vineyard from a family business who imported all their vines directly from France and researched their terroir necessarily pedantically then sadly the sons grew up, found great girls and ran off to their marriage beds leaving their parents and vines unattended! So, we are the new owners of fabulous vintage and after 18 months of renovations and equipment repair, we are open for business and are now hosting society weddings every Saturday night. Yes, we do have a lot of energy…

Our consultant wine maker, Jon Heslop of Witches Falls, is very proud of the wine he has made us as we are so very proud of the last 18months of a learning curve and wine education. Cameron, my husband, is a jeweller watchmaker who can make anything and has a dairy farm upbringing whereas I proudly own dry-cleaners, am an organic farmer and a courageous fun cook to the souls(!) of my hunter boots SO we are the perfect purveyors of food, wine and romance so why not buy a working vineyard?!”

Toni-Maree Bishop

Supporting Locals

We are lucky enough to be situated in the beautiful Scenic Rim which boasts over 4000 square kilometres of alluvial soil. Not only does this fertile soil allow our vines to thrive but allows our neighbours to grow and harvest some incredible produce. While we pride ourselves on nurturing and sourcing what we can from our own land, it’s also important for us to support our neighbours and local farming friends. We are lucky enough to live amongst some of the freshest produce including macadamia nuts, edible flowers, honey, dairy farms, sheep, beef, avocados, breweries, fruit & vegetables, finger limes and so much more. What we cannot grow ourselves we source locally – really bringing the farm to table concept to life.

Let’s all take a step to try to grow or buy our products more locally and support our farming families!

Wine Tastings

Friday:     10 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday:      8 am – 5 pm

10k Bottles Produced / Year

Here at Sarabah Estate, we live amongst our vines. With every bottle made, we take pride in knowing that we have tended and nurtured each vine with our very own hands. Making sure our vines receive only the best care, we practice organic farming at our Vineyard, meaning we are proudly chemical and pesticide free. From pruning to mulching and handpicking our grapes every season, we are so proud of every bottle we have produced.

From our home to yours, we would love to share our beautiful drop with you.


Our Journey

Planted in 2004, our vine journey began and holds strong today. Our aim at Sarabah is to produce an honest wine true to our natural surroundings here in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Our Vines

We allow our vines and grapes to grow naturally and practice chemical free methods to ensure we are harnessing the natural Sarabah terroir flavours. Each vine is hand tended too, meaning we prune,  thin, organically fertilise, maintain and pick all of our grapes by our own two hands, whilst limiting the use of mechanical machinery in our vineyard.

Our Wines

Every bottle produced here is nurtured and made with love. We are proud to share our creations with you.