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My husband and I have bought the most gorgeous vineyard in the hills of hinterland Gold Coast, where it is surprisingly chilly hence, even more wonderfully, has produced a decidedly crisp Rosé. Then to excite matters further, we have also a Cabernet that will warm your winter socks that we would love you all to try as well.

We bought Sarabah Estate Vineyard from a family business who imported all their vines directly from France and researched their terroir necessarily pedantically then sadly the sons grew up, found great girls and ran off to their marriage beds leaving their parents and vines unattended! So, we are the new owners of a fabulous vintage and after 18 months of renovations and equipment repair, we are open for business and are now hosting society weddings every Saturday night. Yes, we do have a lot of energy…

Our consultant wine maker, Jon Heslop of Witches Falls, is very proud of the wine he has made us as we are so very proud of the last 18months of learning curve and wine education. Cameron, my husband, is a jeweler watchmaker who can make anything and has a dairy farm upbringing whereas I proudly own dry-cleaners, am an organic farmer and am a courageous fun cook to the souls(!) of my hunter boots SO we are the perfect purveyors of food wine and romance so why not buy a working vineyard!

– Toni-Maree Bishop

Sarabah Estate Vineyard has an atmosphere and essence that immediately engulfs your senses, transporting you to a world of romance and tantalising wines. When they first encountered SEV, the new owners, Cameron and Toni-Maree Bishop, liked it so much they bought the company! The site, wine and country air as well as the wines are truly divine.

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Hence, Cameron and Toni-Maree believe that the unique Sarabah winery experience is one that should be shared, so they have opened their doors to weddings and other events.

The beauty of Sarabah begins with the drive to the estate. It is hard to beat the beautiful surroundings of the Scenic Rim — with its relaxed atmosphere it is nearly impossible to believe you are under an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is well known that visiting movie makers utilize the Scenic Rim’s amazing scenery as you could be anywhere in Europe with their lush green countryside! Located at the foothills of the world famous Lamington National Park, Sarabah Estate Vineyard is a fifty acre wine and vineyard estate.

Sarabah Estate Vineyard is astounding wine critics with their featured Rosé made from estate grown Merlot grapes and proudly boasts 16 acres of world class Merlot vines imported from France in 2004, two and a half acres each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz vines. In 2007, additional Verdelho and Viognier vines were planted for future experimentation. We have a master wine maker to ensure the vines and soil of such fortitude are enhanced magically in their own estate wine label.


One of the many options to hold your event is the timber and stone European designed chalet. Located at the heart of our property, it makes for a charming setting and a great place from which to enjoy the picturesque country surroundings. The quaint chalet is the perfect venue for food, wine, and entertainment and can hold up to one-hundred and twenty guests comfortably. With the options of inside the chalet or under the newly built breathtaking marquee (seating 200 guests) or under the festoon lights in our olive grove, you are able to plan your event with no limit to your imagination.

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If you are interested in hosting your perfect Gold Coast Hinterland wedding with us and would like to experience Sarabah Estate Vineyard for yourself then we welcome you to join us on the first Sunday of every month for a viewing. Such a pleasurable excursion wouldn’t be complete without a taste of our crisp Rosé or mellow Cabernet with our famous cheese and fruit platter too! Viewings must be booked in advance, please visit our Bridal Viewing page to fill out the Reservation Form so that we can secure your place at the next viewing.

We also welcome you to view and purchase our wine selection online to order some fabulous summer and winter wines to arrive carefully by mail to your door! Even our amazing goats milk feta is available by mail – little cold pack included!

If you love Sarabah as much as we do then why not help us prune the entire vineyard in one weekend in exchange for wine? Food and fun times included too! Get in touch with us for more information.

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