About us


Our family discovered Sarabah Estate Vineyard 8 years ago nestled in the Gold Hinterlands.

Captivated by her beauty, we built a synergy of a place to call home, vineyard to harvest, a home for animals and an opportunity to sustain, nurture and grow with the land.

Lovacores and  members of the Eat Local in the Scenic Rim we produce, buy and sell local farm to table fresh products. 

Viticulturists, alpacas herder, cheese maker or confectioner our hats are many … but when is comes to Sarabah – what we love most of all is to open the Estate to Functions, Events or Ceremony. We even open each weekend with Bistro Menus available and live music every Sunday.

Arrive here by horse and cart, hot air balloon, limousine or helicopter, it is just a matter of appointment to say I do here, at Sarabah Estate Vineyard.