We have on offer a wonderful range of extras that can be used to add that special touch to an event

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We have carefully selected a range of extra items and decorations for use at any function on Sarabah Estate Vineyard, that are available to hire at a small added price.

So whether you’re looking to add atmosphere to a room or wish for guests to be comfortable by offering umbrellas for escape from the sunshine, please have a look through the items we can supply and let us know what would best suit your needs!

We’re also happy to hear your suggestions if you think that there is anything missing off the list – so please feel free to contact us.

Extras available and price of hire:

  • Candelabras – $25 each (14 available)
  • Candles for candelabra $1.50 (ivory or red)
  • Tiffany Chairs – $22 each
  • Bose Speakers with jack for iPod/laptop – $75 per night
  • Umbrellas – $3 each
  • Blackboards – $30
  • Birdcage – $20
  • Zinc Tin Candle Holders – $3 each
  • Green Glass Milk Bottle Rose Holders – $3 each

Grand Engrave Party DecorationsCustom Engraving

Our sister company Grand Engrave uses a new generation of laser engraving technology to custom engrave a seemingly endless variety of items and surfaces – perfect for creating personalised gifts or unique dining table decoration. Engraving can even be applied to wine bottles and tableware too, adding a very special touch to your event. Visit Grand Engrave’s website for more details.

Sarabah Estate Vineyard custom wine LabelsCustomised Wine Labels:

Customising the labels on our Sarabah Estate Vineyard wine bottles is an ideal way of adding a personal touch to table settings, impressing guests at corporate functions or simply for use as a great take home gift. Please visit our Custom Wine Labels page for more details.